Buy Your Volkswagen Online at Vaudreuil Volkswagen

How it Works

Vaudreuil Volkswagen is proud to announce that you can now buy your Volkswagen online! We've made the entire process as convenient as possible with 5 easy steps, so you never have to step foot in the dealership. Browse our inventory, find your perfect vehicle and enjoy the buying process from the comfort of home. Here are the 5 easy steps involved:

Step 1. Your build

How it Works - Vaudreuil Volkswagen

How It Works

Simply choose any model from our inventory, or create your perfect Volkswagen through our easy to use Build and Price tool. If you need any help, our knowledgeable sales representatives are just a click away!


How it Works

Vaudreuil Volkswagen wants to help make your online car buying experience as smooth as possible. We offer easy ways to estimate the value of your trade-in and we accept all makes and models.


Step 2. Estimate your trade

Step 2 How it Works - Vaudreuil Volkswagen

Step 3. Apply for financing

Step 3, Apply for Financing - Vaudreuil Volkswagen

How It Works

Applying for financing has never been easier with our convenient online process. Simply send us your information and our Finance Department will take it from there! Don't stress, if you need any advice or guidance, our team is there every step of the way.


How It Works

To finalize the purchase process, our team will help you complete the secured documentation online, without having to leave the comfort of your home. Our Finance Department will then review and submit your documents and once accepted, you're all set!

Step 4. Complete documents

Step 4. Complete documents - Vaudreuil Volkswagen

Step 5. At home delivery

Step 5. At Home Delivery - Vaudreuil Volkswagen

How It Works

Once your vehicle is ready, we'll deliver your new Volkswagen right to your doorstep!

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