VIP Service at home

Did you know you can make your next purchase from the comfort of your home or office?

Our product specialists at Vaudreuil Volkswagen. We travel with the vehicle of your dreams at your convenience to let you know the best possible buying experience. You'll love the experience so much that we'll have to hold you back from buying two! We offer:

- Personalized service

- Flexibility for all our customers

- The chance to test drive the vehicle in your neighbourhood

- The possibility of making an appointment for a complete tour of the vehicle by Facetime or Skype

- An appointment for a test drive at home

- The presentation of prices without having to move

And all this in a professional and pressure-free atmosphere.

Does it interest you? Here is my information. I'm waiting to hear from you: To make an appointment, send us an email at

See you soon!

Vaudreuil Volkswagen

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